Top 4 easy to follow tips for Art of Conquest 5

Top 4 easy to follow tips for Art of Conquest 5

Art of Conquest is a game by Lilith games, which is based on fighting. From the start of the game, you have to choose your favorite hero from the given three. Heroes have different specialties with unique powers that will enhance the experience. After that, you can start the experience of your first game. Certain challenges make the person put more effort. This game will also offer you to connect with your friends online and play with them. All you have to put effort into defeating the evil bosses. Art of Conquest is available on both platforms, IOS and Android.

There are so many features that will surely get your attention and make you download this game, some of them are-

  1. Different heroes to choose

There will be specific heroes which you can choose. At the start, there will be only three options, but when you start to play and upgrade everything, then you get more specific heroes for different tasks. One of the best heroes to defeat the bosses is Avalon, which can be used at any stage. The hero makes the whole army effective. On the other side, Rufio’s is the character which comes in handy with DPS at the end-game

  1. Abilities can be upgradable

Just like any other fighting game, Art of Conquest will provide you upgrades with the game currency. This kind of upgradable feature makes it fun to play. The first thing that you have to do is put the points default ability, which will surely increase the power of heroes. Remember, you have limited points to use after every game or rewards, so use it wisely. And also don’t put it on ability but to the others too.

  1. Upgrade your buildings

You can upgrade the buildings with the upgrading levels, it can be fun, but make sure you don’t put all the capital at the start. If you are spending, spend it on resources, not on power. At altered levels, you can increase the power of archers, tanks, and lich mages. Not only you can add more powers and resources; you can make them more powerful to get more power out of enemies. Hard challenges can make you more into the same level for a time.

  1. Resources

Some of the resources can be found on the map, and some of them can be generated in the castle. These resources will help you to upgrade the structure of the building and make it more secure. Resources like diamond, crystal, and mithril are hard to find and cannot be generated in the castle. With every upgrade, you will get more resources to upgrade everything in your castle.


With a rating of 4 stars, Art of Conquest is one of the best role-playing games that will give you the best experience ever. With more positive reviews regarding this particular game, you will know that what you are downloading. There are many challenges and dozens of heroes that you can prefer during the gameplay.



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