Art of Conquest 5 – Tips and Tricks for Easier Progression

Art of Conquest 5 – Tips and Tricks for Easier Progression

Lilith Games offered a vast number of interactive role-playing mobile titles loaded with tons of features which led the popularity over iOS and Android platform. Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon is the one in kind for all the features and millions of downloads hit in a short time. The reason behind demand is RPG gameplay that allows users to have the best experience of this mobile title.

For the first time gamer, it might be hard to progress and reach on a better level. Due to this, we are here with the five most important tips that you can consider and progress at a faster rate considering the same. Let’s have a look –

  • Choosing Heroes

After getting into this game, you need to look after getting the best heroes. There are many heroes with different characteristics. When you are selecting any of them, it is important that you start looking after all the characters and their playing style. Every hero has a unique ability that you just need to look after. The abilities vary from character to character; that’s why you need to take a close look for the selection of the best one.

  • Upgrading Your Heroes

A timely upgrade is important to make your heroes better and good enough to battle against an opponent. There are a couple of modes to try, and if you want to go well in all of them, then you need to spend a good amount of free Linari. You can keep on earning a higher amount by completing the missions, which is an easier way of progression. If you can’t progress at a faster rate and you want to eradicate such kinds of problems, then you can consider playing the existing level and earn a higher amount with ease.

  • Focus on Resources

Plenty of resources are in this game, and you can obtain most of them pretty quickly. During the play, you can find plenty of resources in the entire game; gold, linari, mana, and wood are a common type of resources. You can obtain these by farming. Earning a decent amount is necessary. Daily bonus is an easy method to get a pretty genuine amount; that’s why you can have a look at these. Keep it in mind that you also go after obtaining Blood Diamonds, Mithril, and Crystal because they are the vital resources. They are slightly hard to earn, but you can grab them by connecting the game to your Facebook account. It will provide you free resources with ease.

  • Buildings are Important

In this empire game, you need to look after the upgrade of buildings because they matter a lot. If you are having a hard time upgrading the buildings, then you need to earn gold for sure. Linari can be earned from several methods, and it is the main currency, so you can find it a bit easy.

Start upgrading your buildings, which will prevent the damage and reduce the chances of facing trouble. It enhances the defense. That’s why you can consider it with ease. The hard thing about the upgrade is, you need to look after it at the early stage. In the later stages, you might face some of the common issues like lack of resources.


These are all the necessary factors to consider to avoid trouble related to the earning of currencies and progression. It is slightly hard to progress in the game without having all the vital currencies. When you obtain a genuine amount, you can consider going after the unit strength and the weakness. This will ease up the work and come in handy to progress at a faster rate with ease.

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