Learn the Effective Ways to Earn Linari in Art of Conquest

Learn the Effective Ways to Earn Linari in Art of Conquest

Linari and Gold are the important virtual currencies in the Art of Conquest. In the role-playing section, Lilith Games is offering one of the intense gameplays, which is unique in all kinds, and it offers some of the best features in all kinds. That’s why you can consider it. From exploring the gameplay to becoming the best gamer, there are plenty of things to consider.

Earning Linari and gold is the hardest thing in this game. If you can’t get over it and facing trouble with the progression, then below mentioned are some of the effective and easy to follow tips that you can follow. These tips are all about the earning of Linari and Gold in an effective manner and avoiding the purchase with real money.

  1. Daily Bonus

When you open the game on a daily basis, it will provide you free Gold and Linari. The daily reward or bonus is good for a decent amount. It not only provides these resources but, you can expect other resources of the game like wood, mana, and more. All those will come in handy, and it will provide you a range of advantages for sure. Due to this, you can rely on the same and get several advantages.

  1. Social Media

Connecting your gaming account with social media is one of the effective options that can help you earn free gold and Linari with ease. The first thing that you need to consider is you can invite friends. Invite them is easy, and if they join the game through your invite, free Linari and Gold will be added into your account. It is a safer and reliable option to consider. It can provide plenty of additional advantages for sure.

  1. Play Quests

Quests are very important to progress. They offer small tweaks, let you unlock new heroes, and give a brief of better ones. This is effective and one of the reliable options to consider. During the first use, you might feel trouble using the same, but after a while, you will get the best advantages from the same. This easy method lets you earn other resources of the game at the same time. This method will be an easy choice for first-time gamers.

  1. Level up

When you level up in the campaign mode, you earn free gold. Winning in battles and keep on enhancing the defence level increases the experience point. XP is one of the important things for the progression, and you can do it in several ways. Start by earning a little every day, and then everything will be done. After a couple of days of playing, your level will increase by many times, and you will get free resources by this method. It is not only effective, but it is an easy method to get a better score.

  1. Raiding Dragon Lairs

Dragon liars are quite effective to win and become a better gamer. Raiding is effective in getting gold and linari at the same time. After reading level 5 and having some effective abilities, you can raid dragon lairs. It is a bit typical and confusing for the first time, but they offer you eggs, and you can train them lately. Hope, these tips will help you become an advanced gamer.

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