How to reach on Max Level of Art of Conquest?

How to reach on Max Level of Art of Conquest?

Becoming the best gamer of Art of Conquest, A game from Lilith Games, is one of the typical things which require a focus on a number on several factors. From the earning of virtual currencies to progressing toward a better hero, or the unlocking of more abilities, everything matters a lot to make you one of the advanced gamers here. In case you are having a hard time progressing, then you can look after the below-mentioned tips to reach on a better level. Let’s begin –

  1. Unlock Better Heroes

There are several heroes, and each one is important during the progression to make you a better gamer. In the race of finding the perfect hero, you should choose any hero that you like and upgrade the moves of the same to increase abilities. Unlocking new moves and increasing the powers is one of the effective methods which can come in handy for sure. The popular heroes are –

  • Avalon
  • Avril
  • Rufio

After unlocking these heroes, you should be looking after the abilities and learning their playing style. It matters a lot to reach at a better level.

  1. Abilities are Important

A slight upgrade in abilities boosts the chances of winning because you have more power to take over the opponent. Even, it is necessary that you spend a little more time to upgrade characters and make them better. It is the only way that will support your gameplay and enhance your abilities. Most of the beginner don’t feel the ease because they don’t know how to play effectively. But, if you unlock the right hero and upgrade them wisely, it will be an easy option to go well.

  1. Moving Capital

When you move capital and keep on upgrading the walls, it becomes easy to enhance the boost in resource income. You can make more Linari, Gold, Mana, and wood by such methods. It is the best option to increase the abilities and keep on getting better with the time. You keep on moving, but don’t do it if the walls of your town are below level 4 or 5 because it will be risky in such cases.

  1. Robbing Is Risky

The best way to earn extra resources is by robbing other players’ resources, but it is one of the risky options at the same time. When you rob, the chances of getting into trouble increases by several times. It is one of the necessary tips for beginners. We suggest that if you are not above level 5 and the walls of your capital are not at a higher level, you should avoid robbing. Hope, these four tips will enhance the chances keep on getting better.

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