All the Safe Method Along With Key Tips Of Progression In Art Of Conquest

All the Safe Method Along With Key Tips Of Progression In Art Of Conquest

Upgrading the capital walls and keep on moving is one of the typical things in Lilith Games’ RPG game called Art of Conquest. From the selection of heroes to the upgrade, you have several things to focus on; that’s why it is always recommended that you play safe to reach on higher levels.

Due to such factors, we are mentioning the top 4 effective and easy to follow Art of Conquest tips that can help you with progression. Let’s have a look at some of the best tips –

  1. Consider Castle at First

Castle is an important part of your gameplay, and keep on focusing on the upgrade is a vital section. During the upgrade, you should be focused on some of the vital factors. Upgrading the walls of capital or your castle plays the primary role. It increases the defence, and you are able to play safely. Due to this particular reason, you can consider looking after the castle.

  1. Enhance Units

The research upgrades are a bit tricky to improve, but at the beginner stage, no one really understands the true meaning of upgrading. Well, it provides new moves and makes your heroes better. The best thing is, you can focus on all the techniques which can enhance your troops. The only focus on this factor is a very effective option, and you can consider it in an easier manner for sure.

  1. Never Skipping Tutorial Tweaks

When any new thing unlocks in the game, it shows some tips to enhance the skills. There are all the safe methods mentioned, and they can improve the tweaks quite effectively; that’s why you can look after these factors with ease. For the first time players of such games, we suggest that do not skip any tip because it can boost the progression, and it can let you earn a higher amount with ease. It is the best tip for the first-time player, and they can rely on it.


The last tip for the gamers of Art of Conquest is, all the resources are important, and you should manage them to avoid most of the problems. You can avoid the waste of all costs in several ways, and if you are focusing on getting more resources, then it will be easy to upgrade. There are many things which aren’t worth upgrading so you should avoid them.



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